PICs For Sale
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I am now selling 4x6 prints. I have available many of the pictures that you have seen on the preceeding pages. I do not have all of them however, as I am just selling my extras (kinda of pays for the hobby), nor do I make up ones I am out of. Due to the fact that I have had people order prints in the past and send no money, I will no longer pull photos without money in hand, as it is time consuming to pull 50 or more pics only to have someone say nevermind. At the moment there is no list, however if you see a town listed in the other states section I probably have more than just what is seen from that department. So if you are interested either list alternate selections, or indicate if you want me to pick something nice from your area of interest, or if you want the appropriate refund for those I am out of. Prints are 1.50 each. Add 7.00 for US priority mail with delivery confirmation. I accept checks & US postal money orders E-Mail me for address info, etc... or if you have any questions.